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     I put this site together to share some of the work I have been doing in the Music field. Essentially I have been busy playing for weddings and other events. After quite a few of these, I have a decent list of songs I have been using. 

    How it's Done

     The process begins by listening to the song repeatedly, then assembling the instrument lists. Each note for a particular instrument is then played into a sequencer (I use MOTU Digital Performer), but recently I have been migrating EVERYTHING to Linux. Currently I am playing with RoseGarden, as well as the new Roland Integra 7, I'll keep everyone posted on this switchover.

    After one instrument is completed, I move to the next, and so on until all are recorded. Then the process of setting the proper volumes, panning, etc. takes place so that the song will sound very similar to the original recording. The end result is an instrumental version of a particular song.


    Because it is difficult to find backing tracks (instruments only version of a song) in most cases. Also, what if you need it re-arranged, shorter, less fill, more fill, transposed?

    So, if you are a vocalist or musician looking for backing tracks, or you need more contemporary music for a wedding or other event, just reach out to us, we have an extensive list of music that is ready to go.


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    I have recently connected with some String Players who have studied at the KC Conservatory, and our ensemble can accommodate playing background music for your event.

    We have a Violinist, a Cellist, and myself (Keyboards). Additionally, we have access to Many other musicians to accommodate your requests.

    See samples section for an example recording of our Ensemble performing Cannon in D.

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    You can also find me on LinkedIn